From Al-Set with Love

Session 1

Welcome to Lighthurst

A Brief Synopsis…

We join our adventurers in the Two Tiered city of Lighthurst. At the docks of the floating disk tier which houses the Church of Icarus and their clergy, the local government employees, and the richest of the citizenry, Captain of the Furious Pacaderm (Or Acadia IV depending on who you ask) Gilbert Gale, his engineer/pilot/bodyguard/mainman/renter-of-ship/keeper-aliver Chester von Alspring III make their landing and disembark with their various goods ready for sale and their passenger, the disillusioned lead detective Lucas LeStrade. Lucas, there for an official investigation into recent increases in piracy against the miners below, heads immediately with an escort to the lower tier (unofficially known as Darkhurst) where he proceeds to day drink and meander alleyways. Not moments from their landing, Gilbert ‘procures’ funds and heads off to find some pleasure in the local houses of recreation. Chester realizes he’s a few coins short and, infuriated, chases after his partner. Somehow, Gilbert is able to hijack the elevator (very much a crime) and descend to the lower tier. Chester has the less dignified approach or hugging the glass elevator encasing and sliding slowly down the elevator shaft exterior.

In the lower tier, the slums, at the central hub where the elevator meets the ground, we find a reunion of sorts between small-time criminal with a heart of gold Giorno Giovanna, the naive zealot and former student of the Church of Icarus Groom Godwill, and perpetual arsehole and amateur alchemist Marcus Mercury. Long story short, Giorno tried to pick Groom’s pocket, succeeded, and then was immediately the victim of a young street thief. A chase on foot to retrieve the twice stolen coin led them to unite with all of the adventurers at Smitty’s Salloon, a bar/inn/house-of-ill-repute. After a failed attempt to reason with the boy, his cavalry arrived sparking a quick skirmish which ended with essentially the demolition of the bar. Smitty was none-too-pleased. Neither was the gang leader Thugga the Slugga who suffered serious injuries.

Afterwards, in the center of town, a local government official addressed the people begging their cooperation in locating and turning in local rabble-rousers who may have involvement in anti-establishment activities. Additionally, they met with Deputy Dan (Daniella) who has essentially forced them into paying off their debts to the community (due to their multiple infractions at the bar) by attempting to solve the piracy issue, among other things.


ThatsHowYouGetAnts ThatsHowYouGetAnts

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